I’ve tried something new – have you?

I’ve tried lots of new things this year. And I’m very brave for doing it!

That’s an arrogant statement, I know, but when you can say that because of two little books which were loaned to you last summer, and you have engaged, inspired, and supported colleagues into trying something new, then I think it’s something I can be a little proud of!

(The best reward was to hear that my students had confidently supported and corrected other colleagues when they were getting a little mixed up; “no miss, I can’t be Extended Abstract yet, I’m not a confident Relational”.)

That was up until Christmas, then, I discovered the wonderful world of Pedagoo, and the Saturday which changed my professional life, PedagooSunshine.

After that day I promised that I would try something new every week, and, I’m -blowing my own trumpet again – proud to say that I have.

From IRIS to Poundshop pedagogy, SOLO Stations to listening the the inspiration that is Ron Berger, I have had the best last term ever!

I have tried, failed, succeeded, and had my taste in music questioned (nothing wrong with a little Rancid @Totallywired77) and I’ve made sure that at the very heart of everything was my students. What did they need? How were they going to achieve it? What could I do to ensure they’d get there? Was I confident enough that they’d come back from their mistakes?

My students have totally surprised me! They have been engaged, planning lessons has been a joy, watching them grasp a topic and run with it, and celebrating the wrong responses so we can learn how to make the right ones has made me realise the power that sharing our ideas has.

With that in mind – and the fact we all have 6 weeks to think about it – why not try one new thing in September? We have the time to think about it, research it, plan it and then worry it won’t work!

But it will.
I promise you.
If it doesn’t, you can even blame me.
Be brave, read what’s out there and ask!

I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if it hadn’t been for twitter and the people who have influenced me the most; @lisajaneashes @Totallywired77 @TeamTait @SciTeacherBrad @ASTsupportAAli @pedagoo.org @fkelly @DKMead @RonBergerEL @kennypieper

So, to finish; relax, recuperate, regroup and remember the only limit you have is your own imagination; if yours doesn’t have limits, imagine what you could inspire in your students!

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