PedagooLocal203Are you an enthusiastic member of the Pedagoo community? Are you keen to organise your own local Pedagoo-style event? Do you want to use the Pedagoo name to help promote your event, but you don’t want the pressure of organising a “big” full-on Pedagoo day? Then PedagooLocal is for you.

We’ve created the PedagooLocal name for classroom teachers to use to run a Pedagoo event for their local area. In order to use the name, we’d just like to ask that your event…

  • is free to the teachers attending.
  • takes a longer format approach to sharing (i.e. primarily 30/40 minute Learning Conversations/Workshops as opposed to all 7/2 minute presentations – we’ve got nothing against TeachMeets, we’re just trying to add a bit of diversity to the mix).
  • is open to teachers from anywhere, even if primarily aimed at one particular area/local authority.

If you’re up for running a PedagooLocal event in your area get in touch and we’ll help as much as we can. We can set you up with a logo, a page on the Pedagoo website and support you with sorting out signing up folk through the website. We can also provide advice on how to go about organising your event; check out this guide on how to organise a #PedagooLocal event.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to get in touch with your idea for an event:  If you’re considering organising a PedagooLocal event this year, you could join in with the TakeOver on the 26th September.

PedagooLocal events are supported by, but not run by, Pedagoo.

Check out upcoming and past PedagooLocal events below…