What is this all about?

#PedagooFife is on. Building on the success of Pedagoo’s many events, #PedagooFife will provide a collaborative, dialogue-based professional learning experience to any and all teachers in the Fife area who wish to attend, supported by ongoing learning throughout the year on Attendance at this event will be free! This event is part of #PedagooLocal TakeOver 2015.

After organising Teachmeet Fife 2013 and being part of FifeICT15, we are wanting to revitalise the PedagooFife group, providing a place for teachers in Fife to share good practice.

What’s a PedagooLocal event?

Pedagoo events are TeachMeets with a difference. They’re all about teachers coming together to share their practice, but we take a longer format approach to this sharing. Larger Pedagoo events are run by the PedagooCurator team, but any teacher can run a PedagooLocal event for their local area as long as they can agree to the vision outlined here. PedagooLocal events are supported by, but not organised by, Pedagoo.

When and where will it be?

#PedagooFife will take place from 1.45pm to 4.30pm on Saturday 26th September 2015 at The Centre for Stewardship, The Stables, Falkland Estate, Fife, KY15 7AF.

What will it look like?

Pedagoo events take a workshop rather than a presentation approach. To reflect this and encourage discusion we are asking teachers to “lead a learning conversation”. We first ask teachers to sign up to lead a conversation and then we’ll open the event to everyone else and you can then choose which conversations you would like to join in with.

In true Pedagoo-style this will not be a series of lectures but a day of conversations in which everyone is encouraged to get involved. Active not passive.

Programme for the Day

1.45 – 2.00 : Arrival and Mingling
2.00 – 2.20 : Introduction and Ice Breaker
2.30 – 3.00 : Session One
3.00 – 3.20 : Coffee Break
3.20 – 3.50 : Session Two
3.50 – 4.00 : Plenary and Ending

Learning Conversations

1) Code Clubs in Primary Schools led by Lorna Gibson, Scotland Code Club Co-ordinator.

I will talk about how Code Clubs work and what is available to schools in terms of resources and support to run one.

2) Ranger Lead Activities led by Sam Docherty, Woodland Ranger at the Centre for Stewardship.

To offer and give details of different ranger led activities for school groups. Themed guided walks, learning about local wildlife and landscape, practical conversation activities, John Muir Awards, basic bush craft and tailored work experience for school leavers. I hope to attract more groups interested in learning outdoors and getting active.

3) Building and Sustaining Partnerships led by Karen Doherty, DHT Southwood Primary School.

Exploring the dos and don’ts of business & community partnership working. How do we achieve longstanding & mutually beneficial collaboration ?

4) Engaging Learners Through Flipped Learning led by Michael Allan, Mathematics Teacher Glenrothes High School.

This conversation will focus on how I have introduced a flipped learning approach with my classes this year. I will discuss the benefits, limitations and possible solutions (although I don’t have all the answers and am not yet an expert). I also plan to spend some time discussing use of technology to facilitate a flipped learning approach, such as Microsoft Office 365 (through Glow) and Edmodo.

5) Keep Calm and Keep Glowing led by Gemma Sanderson, Kirkton of Largo Primary School.

This conversation will focus around the use of Glow in the classroom and school. We’ll start by discussing preconceptions of Glow and how it has now changed. I’ll then talk about the use of Glow in my own school and how you can get started. I’ll also share guides that I’ve created to help teachers get back on Glow.

6) It Started with a Smile led by Isla Lumsden, HT Kilmaron School.

“Promoting positive relationships within a learning, caring and inclusive school community” – Journey to Excellence, Culture and Ethos, Education Scotland.  This learning conversation will encourage discussion about relationship building and the values which underpin positive relationships.

7) Thinking about Learning? led by Pauline MacDougall, Teacher of Geography Queen Anne High School.

This conversation explores the ways in which practitioners can use thinking skills to maximise learning potential. It will investigate classroom activities that support our learners to think, try, create, discuss, apply, problem solve, evaluate, reflect, question and explain – to mention a few! The conversation will create opportunities for practitioners to share examples of thinking skills and plan for future enriched learning experiences.

Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

#PedagooFife is now open for business! Sign up now using the form below. Indicate your choice of Learning Conversations using the numbers above.

Keep it all together!

Sharing something about this event? Keep it all together by using the hashtag #PedagooFife.


The contact people for #PedagooFife are Gemma Sanderson & Jennifer Harvey.