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    Gary Walsh

    Thanks Athole

    Hear hear to Caradh being brilliant last week. It couldn’t have been a better start!

    Thanks for doing one this week Athole. I would offer to do it but I am at the John Byrne Awards this Thursday night in Edinburgh 🙂

    Google form would be great. I think keeping it simple is key i.e. Date – Chat Title – Host – Summary

    That way it can serve both as an open/flexible timetable and also an archive with links to summary blogs.

    Crowd sourcing questions – great idea

    Ok I’ll do the chat on 19th plus #slowchat and see how it goes. I’ll start promoting from Monday 16th.

    I think all the topics suggested are brilliant including yours above, previous suggestions in this thread plus suggestions coming through on #ScotEdChat itself. It’s almost a bit overwhelming but signals that this is needed and presents a great opportunity.

    How about a group of pupils hosting a ‘pupil voice’ session?

    And how about 4) Not worrying about stepping on people’s toes and just cracking on! 🙂


    Gary Walsh

    Hi all

    I am keen to keep momentum going after a great first effort last week. I am keen to host a #ScotEdChat session on the theme of ‘Character, Values and Citizenship’ in education. I could do so on Thursday 19th November. What do you reckon?

    I just wanted to ask:

    • I know that some suggested themes for further chats were submitted by those involved last week, do we have any dates in place? Don’t want to step on any toes!
    • In terms of chat format – last week seemed to work so well that I am tempted to suggest we stick with that format for chat on 19th Nov i.e. 1 hour 8.30pm-9.30pm, with an invitation to carry on in a #slowchat format until 26th Nov. My summary blog piece can cover the initial chat on 19th and will also summarise any further contributions made until 26th.
    • In terms of chats beyond 26th Nov – how about we offer the option to hosts of committing to a ‘standard chat only’ such as last week i.e. 1 hour 8.30-9.30 – or a ‘standard chat plus’ i.e. the format I have described above including a #slowchat

    Any thoughts? If there are no objections I’ll just go ahead and start promoting the chat for 19th Nov as described above.


    Gary Walsh

    Great themes! Some of my suggestions would be:

    • How do we educate for the ‘whole person’ in Scottish education?
    • What is education, and what is it for?
    • Schools as a central site for creative collaboration: (working with parents, communities, youth work, business, 3rd sector)
    • Should Scottish education have a kindergarten stage?
    • ’21st century skills’: what are they & what is the role of education in developing them?
    Gary Walsh

    Hey all – this all sounds great! Trying to keep an eye on it from Ireland (bad timing for a holiday!) but delighted #scotedchat has become ‘a thing’ in my absence. That’s the whole point after all. Format above looks great.

    I reckon we’ve pretty much done the first ‘slow chat’ – forming #scotedchat – so I’ll try to make some time today to post a blog about it.

    I will happily host a slow chat on ‘whole person education’ when I’m back – do we have any initial dates?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)