Lee Parkinson

  • ThumbnailSince beginning our blogging journey, I am constantly trying to show the children the potential it can have on improving their writing. Giving the children an audience provides a purpose for their writing. They […]

  • Most of the apps for Augmented Reality will rely on Wifi, in fact the majority of apps generally do. You may be limited without wifi especially towards the AR direction.

  • ThumbnailSince beginning the iPad journey in our school, I have been dying to use some of the Augmented Reality apps available on the iPad. I didn’t want to dive in and use it with no substance I wanted to make sure there […]

    • Thanks enormously for this. I watched this a few months back and was inspired to use this with my Year 5 class. We have since used it in a number of ways. We used the word cloud idea as an anchor image in history, to then embed a talking avatar clip using Tellagami app, to describe more about the wife. We’ve used it similarly in Science, to embed video presentations to explain the process of pollination that they wrote and performed as groups and finally as interactive book reports for display. Not only have the kids loved it but it has mean EVIDENCE. Countless times I have used drama, or speaking and listening to move the learning on but there is that age old OFSTED battle of having ‘evidence of learning’ in the books. I would normally take countless photos but the beauty of this is we are covering so much of the computing curriculum, the children take responsibility for collating the evidence and….it’s really fun! My children had a blast showing our Computing lead their work AND teaching her how to do it herself! Thanks enormously for your creativity in using technology to empower and inspire their learning. It has done the same to me.

      • In response to my previous comment….the only difficulty we have found (although found a way around it) was ensuring we had a AR account to make videos public and then making sure anyone who wants to view it using AR either has an account already or can log in via ours, otherwise the media content cannot be seen.