My response to What is pedagoo to me?

Here are a few thoughts in response to “What is pedagoo to me?” by Kenny Piper, October 13, 2013.

I first heard of pedagoo through the TES in February 2012 and joined around that time. Since then I have contributed to #pedagoofriday sporadically (because I don’t always remember, then kick myself around 7pm when I read my twitter feed!). I have even made the choice one week last November.

I agree with Kenny that Pedagoo should be ‘for the people and by the people’ but as a ‘lurker’ I have found making a contribution daunting. As much as I would like to contribute I am struck by the usual questions, Will it be good enough? Is what I have to say interesting and relevant??

Although I do have a personal blog, I don’t have a personal writing voice, like regular most bloggers. I assume this takes time to develop and to be honest I haven’t taken the time. My blog is an opportunity for me to offload and then try to reassemble my thoughts into something coherent. Perhaps this is the first place for me to start, to gain my voice and build reasoned argument instead of a rant.

I am on twitter (if I read it, I retweet it – is kind of my philosophy!) and am often inspired to try out new things in the classroom and share these with my followers and colleagues. I suppose the next logical step would be to contribute to a wider forum so I can get feedback and also be supported in, let’s be honest, difficult times in Scottish Education.

Last year I did contribute to the PedagooResolution, which I thought was a great idea with different categories of which I choose two, Learners Taking Responsibility for Learning and Teacher and peer feedback. I was very disappointed, as I am sure the admin team were, with the lack of response to such a perfect forum for an exchange of ideas and to support each other.

Sharing through Teachmeets are another element of Pedagoo to which I have yet to take the plunge. I had booked for the #tmlovelibraries but unfortunately my own pesky kids got in the way of a good plan! So I have yet to experience the teachmeet but it scares me. It would be daunting to present to some tweachers who I am inspired by and have admiration for, through their posts, but a teachmeet is not going to come to my house so I need to take the first step and be brave but possibly as an enthusiastic lurker first.

As Kenny says “Pedagoo needs to be a space where all educators have an opportunity to contribute, share, discuss and debate”, I agree with this whole heartedly but sometimes it’s just difficult to put yourself out there.

So for me, I need to make this happen, this post is the first, I’d like to say of many but fairy steps I think until I
find my voice. Pedagoo is a brilliant idea which allows teacher to talk, support and debate with each other so what are we waiting for?

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