New Post Guidelines

So, you’re thinking of writing a post on Pedagoo…brilliant. Here’s a few pointers to help you write your post:

  • We very much welcome posts from any and all practicing teachers. You don’t need an invite to write a post, just go for it. Create an account then click ‘New Post’.
  • We’re focusing on aspects of pedagogy, curriculum & assessment with a particular emphasis on sharing our positive experiences of classroom practice.
  • We’re not keen on purely commercial posts and you should declare any commercial interests you might have relating to your post.
  • Obviously you should ensure that you are permitted to share what you are sharing by your employer. This is particularly the case when it comes to details of, or photos including, pupils. Check out this useful guide to sourcing images online without breaching copyright.
  • By submitting your post for review you agree that your post is your own work and can be shared under the following Creative Commons licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. If you add an image from the web to your post make sure you found it using the Creative Commons search tool and attribute the owner accordingly.
  • Your post will be reviewed by a member of the Moderator team once you submit it for review. You will receive an email when your post has been published, or if it is not deemed to be ready, to explain why and suggest what changes might be required for publishing.
  • We’re sometimes asked about word counts. We don’t have word counts as such, but anywhere between 200 and 1000 words normally works well. If your post is short enough to fit into a couple of tweets we will normally ask you to expand it (or to just tweet it instead!). We created this site to allow folk to share in more depth than is possible on twitter.

There is a bit of a debate around the extent to which Pedagoo should include posts which more vocally oppose the educational policies of Governments, Government agencies or other such bodies. Pedagoo is about showing what’s possible, not saying what’s wrong. Pedagoo arose from a desire to create a positive forum for sharing classroom practice. We as teachers have no personal objection to people writing pieces to oppose the policies of Governments, but we feel that there are already places where you can do this, such as writing letters to National publications.

If you have any further questions regarding writing a post on please tweet us @pedagoo, write on our facebook page or email

Or, if you’re ready and logged in…go for it now…