Pick of the #PedagooFriday tweets 09/03/12

Here’s a selection of this week’s #PedagooFriday tweets…

#pedagoofriday yr 7s producing haiku poems using PicLits
Jane Hewitt
#pedagoofriday making 'Scottish Wars of Independence The Musical' in S1 history...looking for good name - 'Braveheart O-Gaga' best so far!
Scottish Teacher
Speed dist time with textbook or paper planes? No contest. Well, when the parents take on the homework, Maths rocks #pedagoofriday
Eddie White
#PedagooFriday y9 reading @ letter in @ and asking to write their own letters to Gove about the education policy
#PedagooFriday.1st lessons with Yr 9 BTEC.Made cheek and onion cell slides.'Look at that Sir it's well cool' was catchphrase of lesson!
Doug Cremin
#PedagooFriday Used BBC School Report site clips as intro to broadcasting for Media. Great for 'fact v opinion' and report writing too 🙂
Tessa Polley
P3 designed, made and played board games on Egyptian theme. They will teach their games to other classes and parents on Mon. #PedagooFriday
Karen Doherty
Great fun with microbes, mini whiteboards and Google Docs Presentation http://t.co/mXzEVPc6 #pedagoofriday
#PedagooFriday S3 pupils making their own Ultrasound scanner and key hole surgery equipment out of card, straws, pipecleaners for NHS video
#PedagooFriday had y9 and y13 working alongside each other today. Supporting each other but making progress separately too. #goodtimes
 Mark Anderson

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