Pick of the #PedagooFriday tweets 10/02/12

Here’s a selection of this week’s #PedagooFriday tweets to give you a flavour of what this exciting weekly event is all about…

Gingerbreadtastic in nursery! #pedagooFriday
Rosanna McGladdery
#pedagoofriday S2 wrote own instructions for DNA extraction experiment. Not just what to do, but why it needs to be done. Impressed!
Drew Burrett
#PedagooFriday yr6 children created a huge bank of tarsia resources for me.Started preparing for an international maths game: SuperT-great!
Llew Davies
#pedagoofriday post-it plenary for themes of play to highlight "gaps", then the kids write their own learning objective for next lesson.
Sarah Barker
Using facebook status updates as a quick plenary - 'dave can draw scatter graphs' #pedagoofriday
Kate H
Dickens QR Code Trail, Tea & Cake with Shakespeare recital, King Lear flip learning & a big birthday. Epic! Happy Half Term! #PedagooFriday
Laura Sutherland
Pupils decided they preferred figuring out their spelling mistakes in a group than me telling them answers or looking them up #pedagoofriday
Iain Hallahan
#pedagoofriday Y9 have been reflective learners this HT and their final assessment proved it was a worthwhile enterprise 🙂
Lisa Jane Ashes
#pedagoofriday S1 Maths quiz, teams of 2, 1 min to make up a question that can be answered in 1 minute, great fun, S1's are tricky so & so's
#pedagooFriday been looking at themed planning but avoiding large themes like amazon and zooming in on a boy living in brazil & his journey
Pete Yeomans

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