Pick of the #PedagooFriday tweets 13/01/12

Wow! What a week to decide to embed some #PedagooFriday on here! There were loads of fantastic tweets yesterday, many apologies if yours isn’t on here. This isn’t intended to be the ‘best’ tweets, it’s just a selection to show what #PedagooFriday is all about. We intend to try to do this each week…

The ch wrote story intros to pass to someone else to continue, some of the pupils they will pass to are in another tiny sch.#pedagoofriday
caroline breyley
#pedagoofriday asked the chn what they wanted to learn before p7 was over... How to make toblerone cheesecake!Anyone have that lesson plan?
Natalie White
I used a checklist of Blooms Taxonomy questions to see if I can improve my question techniques. http://t.co/oihNFxQd #pedagoofriday
Mr E White
Group had one minute to each come up with a 10 word explanation of (mathematical) division. Between them all, they nailed it. #PedagooFriday
Iain Hallahan
#pedagoofriday My animation students are experimenting with coding and using their animation skills to make games. http://t.co/uWdOggey
Colin Maxwell
Made a jigsaw of the cover of Gruffalo using http://t.co/a8rA9FHQ to engage v reluctant learners in children's book analysis #pedagoofriday
Penny Russell
Used Lure of the Labyrinth and Professor Layton as part of investigation topic - fantastic narrative driven problem solving #pedagoofriday
Jen Deyenberg
#pedagoofriday Asked year 9 pupils to analyse song lyrics, "Jar of Hearts" as a non-threatening lead in to analysing unseen poetry.
#pedagoofriday S4 pupils construct superhero masks, biog, costumes & nemesis to represent the powers and weaknesses of the league of nations
#pedagooFriday introduced spreadsheets to p6 class using timed flash game. Competitive and I got to know their names v. Quickly!


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