Pick of the week 16th November

#pedagoofriday the audible ‘ahh’ from my year 11 when they got ionic bonding and formulae… never had that before in this school.
#PedagooFriday Year 8 students self assessing their learning & setting their own targets #punklearning style! http://t.co/h6wVkOCS
Tait Coles
#pedagoofriday staff senior choir rehearsal yesterday lunchtime. Wonderful to be singing with the pupils.
Robert Jones
When a yr 11 starts presentation with celebs/media and develops it;Harry Patch & moves peers & teacher to tears #pedagoofriday #youthoftoday
Bev Sharp
#Pedagoofriday my behaviourally challenged y4 boy has not been in trouble all week and wrote 6 pages in 40 minutes!
andrew cowley
#pedagoofriday HT stunned at S2 microbiology investigation into cleanliness. He's cleaned his keyboard!
Paul Cochrane
Int.2 research into radioactivity, one group came up with their own idea: 'Is the Queen Radioactive'. Hilarious to read #PedagooFriday
Christopher King


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