Q&A with twice edtech co-founder Emma McCrea

1. What edtech projects have you been involved in?

My first foray into the world of edtech was with Numeracy Ready, a learning environment to help trainee teachers with Numeracy Skills Test revision. We started to build it when I was heavily pregnant with our second child. I remember recording screencasts before and after he was born!

After that, we started working on Staffrm. This was a very different edtech project, which aimed to improve student outcomes by enabling teachers to more easily connect and share practice. We’re currently using Numeracy Ready to support this social venture!

2. Which aspects have been most rewarding?

It’s always rewarding to receive positive feedback from users. People who sign up for Numeracy Ready are often very nervous about the test. Many of them are so pleased to have passed, they send us a lovely message. Equally, hearing that a story on Staffrm that has clearly had a positive impact on classroom practice is incredibly rewarding.

3. Which bits have been most difficult?

The most difficult part is staying motivated. When we built Numeracy Ready I recorded over 50 screencasts, many of them needing several takes. It’s sometimes hard to stay focussed on the end point when there’s so much to be done to get there. Especially when you’re 8 months pregnant and would rather be snoozing on the sofa!

4. What advice would you give to someone interested in starting up their own edtech organisation?

Go for it. What do you have to lose? I’ve learned so much along the way and get to be a company director (who’d have thought)!

As well as being an edtech co-founder, Emma is also a part-time Lecturer in Teacher Education, and mum of two. Follow her on Twitter, or read her Stories on Staffrm.com/@emmamccrea

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