Should I stay or should I Glow?

If you are a teacher in Scotland you have no doubt already heard or experienced “Glow” first hand. If not, then a quick google will probably tell you all you would ever want to know about where it has come from and feelings towards it.

I was fortunate enough to attend the “Learning Through Technology” conference recently and one of the key messages I took away from that was “people’s views of IT and Technology are very different from the reality of what it is today”. This view seemed to be applauded and a genuine consensus that people’s viewpoints and feelings needed to be challenged and changed.

For whatever reasons, this was not allowed to be the case when it came to Glow. It seemed completely unacceptable to disengage Glow with where it has came from and its past.

This year I’ve been shocked by even Newly Qualified Teachers coming out of our system with the deep ingrained belief that Glow is useless and that they didn’t need to engage in it. Teacher discourses are fascinating things.

I now ask you to watch at least some of the video below that I have created to give just a taste of what Glow has to offer. Do so with an open mind and make your decision on what “Glow” currently is and what it can offer.




4 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I Glow?

  1. Kenny Gray

    I agree that GLOW is generally undervalued. Two points, though, 1 Almost all the apps are available outside GLOW and on there own I don’t think they are a convincing argument for staff to use GLOW. Bandwith issues also means that many perform poorly when demand is high.
    2 The potential of Office 365/Sharepoint to support collaborative working has massive potential and and is the area that I am keenest to develop. When staff and pupils get to grips with sharing resources and providing 24/7 information then GLOW becomes attractive!
    Keep Glowing!

  2. Brian McGuire

    As an ITE student at uni still I can understand why some may so as we don’t have full access to all the good things that a qualified teacher has access to. Recently we were shown different ways in which we could use GLOW and remember being bitterly disappointed when we found out that most of it was inaccessible to us.

    1. Kenny Gray

      Hi Brian, I’m interested in what wouldn’t be accessible? Do y mean you can’t use the email system or access school based files? If so, that is just so that nobody gets caught up in my notes to a class etc. Otherwise all the apps are available elsewhere, and the other links are t existing websites like SCRAN and TWIG.. Otherwise its sharepoint Office 365…

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