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#100wordTandL Irresistible Feedback

Research says a fraction of our feedback to students has impact on learning. Knowing this ought to make us look up from our marking labours and try to work out where we might be wasting time.

Using a ‘feedback wall’ is immediate and irresistible. Set a challenging discussion-based activity for groups. While they talk, you eavesdrop. Use post-its to ask questions or make comments to develop ideas. Simply stick them on the wall near the students and watch them race to read what you have written once you give the signal.

Your feedback will have greater impact. Try it!


Throw away the lesson plans… #100wordTandL


lesson_plan_2[1]having held QTS for going on 2 months now I feel eminently qualified to tell everyone to throw away their lesson plans and become reactive teachers.  Why do I say this?  Well if we consider every learning objective as an individual lesson then we are failing to use the best resource we have in our armoury, our students.

Reacting to our students’ needs it perhaps the most important thing we can do as teachers (I can say that now!) – every comment can be turned into a learning opportunity if we try.

I heartily recommend this approach to any student.

AFL Bell #100wordTandL

Recently, I was introduced to a chain of stationary stores, called Tiger. Every time I go in, I see a multitude of wonderful items that ignite teaching ideas, for £2/£3 – bargain!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 08.33.44

My last purchase was a reception bell. AFL can get a bit dull, however, I have used the bell to start classroom competitions based on success criteria and literacy targets. Every time students meet part of the success criteria/use sophisticated language and structures, they get a ding. The student with the most ‘dings’ wins. It creates cheap laughs, and also stretches students by throwing them off course. Great fun!