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Web 2.0 in the Primary Classroom

Hello pedagoo! My name is Sam Aldred and I am currently half way through a BA Primary Education course at the University of Roehampton.

As part of my ICT specialism led┬áby Miles Berry and Helen Sharpe, I have been set the task of setting up a wiki with my fellow students. The wiki is to act as a catalogue of Web 2.0 tools for use in primary schools. Whilst at first I thought “brilliant, exactly my kind of thing’, I was then shown to the wiki of last year’s students and told we had to add to it – they have already done pretty much every web 2.0 tool I know of! ┬áDespite going to BETT2013, I didn’t see many Web 2.0 stalls! (Perhaps there was so much I missed it but I was there working for 72 hours straight!)

So, the list so far:

PB Works, Google maps/docs/hangout/sketchup, twitter, weebly, sclipo, zondle, simple wiki, audioboo, Ujam, Glogster, Storybird, Primarypad, Flickr, Museum Box, Prezi, voice thread, radiowaves, PlanetFesto, Epals, Pixorial, Photopeach, Bubbl.us, Wallwisher, Little Bird Tales, KidBlog, EduBlogs, SlideShare, Kerpoof, StoryJumper, Titan Pad, Stixy, Storify, Barnaby Bear, Comic Master, Gliffy, TypeWith.me, Tutpup, Wordle, Zoo burst, buildyourwildself, gaggle, communitywalk, a.nnotate, voki, animate IT, Skype, Janet, Blogger, Dualingo, Infogr.am and Wix!

Phew! What a list. I can safely recommend all of them! Unfortunately I can’t link you to our PBWorks wiki as it is yet to be submitted/marked but I’ll talk to my lecturers and hopefully make it public eventually!

Any additions you can think of? Do any of you run any web 2.0 companies you think I should really know about?! Please let me know and I’ll be truly grateful!