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4 Steps to fast-track into leadership

You probably already know if you want to fast-track your career and aspire to school leadership!

But how do you do it quickly and smartly?

Get connected!

I’m probably preaching to the converted about Twitter and following hashtags such as SLTChat (20:00 every Sunday), but getting yourself into or setting up a mastermind group of like-minded fast-track candidates who work together to generate ideas and challenge each other is a real kick-starter!

Inspiration 4 Teachers Podcast ShowGet smart!

Twitter and masterminds would add to your leadership knowledge, but you need the fundamentals to underpin your pursuit of leadership.  MOOCs provide a fantastic open opportunity to develop your leadership skills.  Stefan Caspar on episode 28 of the Inspiration 4 Teachers Podcast Show shared his top resources on the best MOOCs.  Alternatively, for the most innovative ideas in leadership look on Lynda.com or Udemy.  They have a vast array of courses that you can take for free or for as little at £8.  Set aside 10 minutes a day and work yourself into a leadership mindset.

Become a social butterfly!

You may have heard or participated in a TEACHMeet, but organise yourself a LEADMeet!  Invite leaders to an event (informal meet / unconference) where great  leadership practice and personal insights are shared.  Learn from your peers, modify their knowledge and take action.

Define your leadership goals!

Tell the world, put it on your Twitter page and inform your manager.  If you can’t be held accountable to your hopes then you’ll struggle to bring them to fruition.  Share your leadership goals and allow others to guide you.

For immediate ideas and solutions, listen to episode 37 of the Inspiration 4 Teachers Podcast Show where Nikki Gilbey shares her ideas and resources to help you to fast-track your leadership pathway.

Here’s our 3 tips, in less than 3 minutes to help you fast-track into leadership:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zl4fCLF44&w=560&h=315]

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Until next time ~ Keep inspiring!