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The Professional Enquiry Process

In case you missed it, the revised GTCS Professional Standards came into effect this month. Professional enquiry features highly in these new standards and yet many might not quite feel confident enough to engage in professional enquiries without significant external support, which might not be forthcoming.

Whilst I hope that support will be forthcoming, I thought I’d share my own experiences in the meantime in the hope that they might prove useful to others to help them get going or to enhance what they’re already doing. I was planning on doing something like this in my own school to support the expansion of the process anyway, so why not share it on here as well. I’ve found Professional Enquiry to be such a powerful process that I’d like to do everything I can to encourage others to go ahead and give it a go.

Basically, I’ve created a very brief downloadable guide to carrying out a professional enquiry, either individually or as a small group. This is based on my experiences at my school and on my MEd. I don’t claim that this is in any way authoritative or perfect, but I hope it might prove useful to some. I suspect there will be some teachers, or groups of teachers, out there who are keen to engage in this sort of process but would just like a little support to get started…this guide is not much, but perhaps it might just provide that little support.

You can download the guide by clicking on the image above or by clicking here. If you’d like to ask any questions etc then please of course feel free to get in touch. If you do find it useful, please feel free to pass it onto others.


Zoe Robertson has drawn my attention to this great Practitioner Enquiry resource on the GTCS website which you might find useful also.

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