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Play practice in your school

Hello all

What is your current play practice in school? Does you school train playtime supervisors? Would you like to change childrens play experience at school?

This free resource is for anyone who has an interest in children’s wellbeing at school although it has been designed to be particularly relevant to support staff. It explores how outdoor play in schools supports children’s learning and development, identifies a range of ideas for enriching play and shares practical advice from schools that have developed good play practice.

Each of the 11 sections is accompanied by short notes, discussion questions and links to further useful resources. We strongly suggest that you use this resource together with colleagues to encourage discussion and planning about how you take some of these ideas forward in your school.

The support booklet can be downloaded for free here (you do have to sign up, but I only send you an email with useful stuff, and only about once per term). http://www.ltl.org.uk/learning/PlaytimeRevolution

The video’s are currently on Youtube – but are about to be on Education Scotland, or I can dropbox a copy of them all to anyone with an authority that blocks Youtube.

Playtime Revolution – Introduction – The Value of Play (01)

Many of you know that there is a new Scottish strategy on play, and this training series fits in with the aspiration to see play transformed in schools across Scotland.

If any of you use this resource, I would be really interested to hear how you get on.

Thanks all


Outdoor Learning Officer

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