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PedagooBook? – A Consultation

Things continue to progress with Pedagoo. We’re coming up to two years since we first started the site and there are many exciting developments. Our readership continues to grow, as does our membership. Lots of new people are sharing their practice on the site, and many more are now tweeting every #PedagooFriday. And our list of exciting new TeachMeet events continues to grow. It’s fantastic and phenomenally overwhelming. I’m just pleased that we seem to have created something which people find useful.

Those of us on the admin team are constantly trying to think of new ways to try and make Pedagoo even more useful to practicing teachers. For example, Neil is currently working on a new termly magazine which will have enhanced posts and tweets and be available as a PDF or in iTunesU. I think this will be a great way for us to be able grow our community beyond those of us who are on twitter.

Another exciting possible development, and my reason for writing, is the creation of a Pedagoo Book. Kenny has been in discussions with Bright Red Publishing who are interested in the possibility of a book filled with Pedagoo style sharing and learning. Again, we think this would be a great opportunity for those of you who wanted to be involved to share your practice further, and another great way of reaching out beyond twitter to grow our community.

In order for the book to happen though, Bright Red need something they can sign a contract with. Despite appearances, up until now Pedagoo has consisted of a group of enthusiastic teachers, a domain name and some generously provided webhosting. Nothing more than that. Having taken advice on the best way forward, we’re proposing setting up a small Social Enterprise (or to give it its proper name, a company limited by guarantee) in order to allow us to take forward the book idea. There would be no shareholders in this form of organisation and any income would only be able to be used to support the activities of Pedagoo. As Pedagoo began life in Scotland, we would restrict this Social Enterprise to Scotland to begin with at least.

We’re very aware that Pedagoo is a community and its strength lies with you. We don’t want this to affect what makes Pedagoo work for you, and will strive to ensure this is the case. We also want to make sure that everyone has had an opportunity to feedback on this idea. Although those of us on the admin team obviously like the idea, so far nothing has been agreed, this is a genuine consultation.

We welcome your thoughts as comments below…