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TeachMeet Fife 2013

TeachMeet Fife 2013 is being held on Saturday 16th March at Dunfermline High from 10am to 2pm.  If you would like to come along as a presenter or just attend the event visit the wiki to find out more information or sign up.

Pedagoo Fife Wiki

If you teach in a Fife school could you please pass this poster onto colleagues or print it out and put it up in your staffroom.

#TMFife13 Poster


#PedagooLocal -Pedagoo in your back garden

Still riding on the wave of the success of #tmslfringe12, a few of us Fifers started a discussion on Twitter yesterday about the possibility of setting up a Fife Pedagoo Group (Jenny Harvey’s idea).  Gemma Sanderson suggested setting up a group somewhere to keep track of all our discussions.  That’s when I had the idea of asking Fearghal if he could create a space for us on the pedagoo website.  However like all good teachers he raised my admin status and told me to do it myself!

As soon as #PedagooFife was born there was a tidal wave of requests as other pedagooers wanted one created for their area too.  It’s been amazing to see the activity on twitter and on pedagoo.org as everyone gets excited to have their own space to share, plan and create.

Any pedagooers out there who would like a PedagooLocal created for them please let me know by leaving a message on the PedagooLocal page.  Also if any PedagooLocals would like their space adapted or pages added in contact me either by twitter or on Pedagoo.