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Teacher burnout is preventable!?

Lurking in school staff rooms and offices is a poster tacked to the wall that says, “Bang head here!”

The thought has crossed my mind. In particular, when the escalating pressures of being a teacher start to manifest into physical form; headaches, burning eyes, and knotted shoulders. But despite having super human organisational skills, like most teachers, my strength gets zapped at the end of a school term. Years of recognising the burnout signs has taught me what I need to do to look after myself. But are these time management, wellbeing strategies good enough? Do we need a greater change?

If we discovered more creative ways for the school system to maximize time would we all be in a better position to teach, so that we wouldn’t need tips on how to “hang in there” and keep fighting the good fight. What are your thoughts?

Whilst you deliberate on that point I do have some fantastic tips on avoiding teacher burnout. On episode 23 of the Inspiration 4 Teachers Podcast Show Angela Watson, former teacher and now Educational Consultant and Founder of Due Seasons Press, discusses transformational ideas to overcome burnout, big picture teacher planning and how to make teaching and learning exciting.

Now back to that question. How could we develop a school system that creates more effective use of a teacher’s time and alleviates some of the pressures (assuming that we have no additional resources at our disposal)?  Share your thought-provoking ideas in the comments box.

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