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TeachMeet TV

It’s amazing what can be achieved in a few days on twitter.

Last Sunday, @judeenright wrote the following tweet:

And by Thursday, @edutronic_net had created this:

There is so much great video coming out of TeachMeets which is too often left to languish unwatched in the depths of YouTube and Vimeo. TeachMeet TV is an attempt by a small group of teachers to provide a focal point for TeachMeet video to help it reach a wider audience.

Pedagoo arose originally partly to try and enhance and continue the fantastic learning which takes place at TeachMeets, and TeachMeet TV compliments this mission beautifully…which is why we’re forging close links with the TeachMeet TV crew and promoting this new site relentlessly.

So, if you’d like to catch up on some fantastic TeachMeet presentations which you’ve missed, or you know of a fantastic TeachMeet video which ought to be on the site, get yourself over to TeachMeet TV and join in!

And what about audioboos, I hear you ask? Well, our good friends over at EDUtalk have already got that covered.