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How it all begins

This year I changed…

This year I changed from teaching P5 to teaching nursery! It’s almost the end of the school year and a lot of the time I still have no idea what I’m doing or if I’m doing it right! Its been very good experience though and I’m doing it again next year to further develop my practice. I think it would be good for every teacher to spend some time in nursery (and more than a 4 week placement) as it gives you such an insight into how it all begins, and the kind of practice that maybe should be brought into further up the school.

I hope to do a significantly better job next year now I know the ropes a bit but I’m not sure if I want to do it forever, I don’t want to become pigeon holed as the nursery teacher as I still have a long career ahead of me.

This year I changed my life!

This year I changed…

This year I changed my life. Glow led me to blogging with classes which provided my pupils with the opportunity to do some ‘real’ writing for a change. It led me to Blogging myself which has been the great epiphany for me. I found I could articulate thoughts and feelings about my classroom practice which have given me the confidence to be braver.

Digital storytelling, Inanimate Alice to be specific, was the most incredible learning experienece for everyone in the classroom. It taught me that if we can be brave in what we set out to achieve then our classrooms can come alive again.

And Twitter, my God, Twitter, has ben the greatest support system, advice centre, Departmental meeting and Inservice Day I could ever have dreamed of.

This has been the greatest year of my twelve year career. Of course, however, next year I’ll just want to be better.