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TeachMeet SLF Fringe

We here at pedagoo love the Scottish Learning Festival. We think it’s great. It’s just such a fantastic opportunity to find out about what’s going on, have your thinking stretched and network with colleagues from across the country, and beyond.

But (you could sense one was coming, couldn’t you). There’s two issues with SLF. Firstly, it’s midweek. Many classroom teachers struggle to make it to SLF as they’re too busy teaching classes! And secondly, in Scotland a festival is not really festival unless it has a fringe festival. We intend to put this right.

So what would this look like? Well, in TeachMeet/Pedagoo spirit, this is very much up for debate…but a starter for ten might look something like this:

  • We have some sort of big space in Glasgow on the Saturday following SLF for the day.
  • Approximately ten teachers volunteer to lead round table workshops where they share something they’ve been doing in their classroom and then lead a discussion around this.
  • Participants sign up to attend two of these workshops in advance and a third round is arranged as the morning progresses.
  • We have lunch of some sort…probably paid for by participants themselves.
  • We then have a further session after lunch where we work in groups to cross-pollinate and share key learning outcomes.
  • We’ll probably then have some sort of #BeerMeet/#TeachEat to round the day off.

Obviously, one of the biggest challenges is going to involve finding a space big enough on a Saturday in Glasgow with a budget of £0. But, we like a challenge.

What do you think? Would you be up for it? Have you any better ideas on how it might work? Do you know of somewhere it could be held?

Let us know what you think here. As you know, we’re all about the collaboration.