This is my first ever post on Pedagoo!

After a career in Community Education and Social Services, I decided to return and train as a Primary Teacher, following my probation year I worked for an Education/Care resource for three years and for the past year and a half I have been working in an ASN school.

Two wonderful friends introduced me to Twitter and I began following a wide range of people tweeting about education and educational issues. I discovered #pedagoofriday. I spent many an hour smiling and sometimes laughing out loud at the many brilliant things that class teachers were tweeting about. Mostly, wishing that I could come up with similar ideas!

Earlier this year, I attended the #pedagooprimary event, it was great and I loved meeting other people. Throughout my varied career, I have always loved meeting new people and finding out what things they were doing and, in the main, trying to steal their ideas!

So I took the first step and thought I could organise my own Teachmeet! I blackmailed a few friends into presenting and in turn they roped other friends into presenting, and someone was even brought into the fold through Twitter! I even thought of my own presentation, albeit, not as fabulous as the others. A colleague and friend baked cupcakes (always a good bribe for people attending).

I just wanted to say to everyone, if you want to get involved, just do it! Even if you have five people attending, it is the sharing of ideas and contacts that can make the sometimes lonely job of a teacher so much more and can have an enormous impact on your teaching and learning. Thus benefiting the people we all do this job for- the kids!

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