The Pick of the #pedagoofriday Tweets 30.3.12

#PedagooFriday It has been a busy, busy term! Thanks everyone for fab ideas and links 🙂 Happy holidays! Remember to have one 😉
Tessa Polley

Only 2 S1 pupils @ end of the day.We talked about rubix cubes and their hidden maths.It was unexpected & they were hooked! #pedagoofriday
Martyn Call
It was great to watch the collaboration and high level engagement of my pupils while using Kodu to design own computer games #pedagoofriday
#pedagoofriday end of extended essay week, higher class set and took part in a post it note quiz such determination to win a hello kitty egg
Epiphany: realising that the real learning can sometimes begin when they/we are getting it wrong @ #pedagoofriday
Bev Sharp
#pedagoofriday question from a yr 10 girl' can you ever take the same photograph twice?'
Jane Hewitt
S1 pupils have been learning about democracy by coming up with ideas for reforming/improving the pupil council #pedagoofriday
When discussing what's in compost on Monday one pupil said "I'm actually curious about this". Made my week. #pedagoofriday
Fearghal Kelly
Scotland's 4 main parties represented at KGS S5/6 Question Time today. Covered banker bonuses, votes@ 16, nuclear fleet,... #pedagoofriday
Andy Mclaughlin
Yr 10 pupil taught me & class all abt nebula + supernova.Great to see what they can learn without teachers! #PedagooFriday
Doug Cremin

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