tmSLFRINGE12 EDUtalk about it

David Noble and Myself would like to invite those attending Teachmeet Scottish Learning Fringe 2012 to use EDUtalk to share there thoughts and reflections of the day.

Many pedagooista may be reflecting here and on their own blogs, but audio can be a useful way to communicate, perhaps in addition to text:

  • For the listener it brings an extra dimension of information, the sound of the voice. It can be listened to when doing something else, the dishes or driving.
  • For the recorder it can be less time consuming to get ideas down by a quick recording than it would be to write them. It is also very easy to publish.

There are more details on the whys and hows on An invite to #EDUtalk at SLF 2012 on the EDUtalk site.

There is, of course, an open invitation to anyone interested in education to contribute to EDUtalk at any time.

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