Using the Web for Learning

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For our new S5 and S6 students returning following exam leave, I’ve created a self-study course designed to skill them up on a few web tools and encourage them to use the web better, and use it more for their learning.

In order to help explain why this is important, I spoke to them all together for an hour last week. When preparing this I wanted to find links/quotes/videos aimed directly at students to encourage them to begin to make better use of the web – but I was surprised how difficult it was. I did a couple of twitter requests which drew a blank, and my own web searching mainly brought up videos and websites aimed at teachers.

My message to the students was that they don’t need to wait to begin skilling themselves up on using the web effectively, as this is going to become an increasingly important life skill in their futures. I used the following prezi to help make this point and given the apparent lack of resources of this nature out there, I thought I ought to share this here:

To see what the students think of all this directly, have a look at the hashtag #plweblearn

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