We would like your help!

Gocracker is carrying out a survey to find out students’ views on apprenticeships, university and careers advice.

We are trying to find out which career paths students are considering taking at the age of 16-18. We would like to know if they have received guidance about going to university and/or undertaking an apprenticeship and from where they have received this information e.g. school, parent/guardian.

The survey results will be aggregated to give us a UK-wide picture and will not focus on individual schools. Students do not have to enter any personal details and the survey takes less than one minute to complete. I would really appreciate it if you could encourage the students in your school to take part.

Just send your students this link and away they go: www.gocracker.com/survey/

The survey closes for entries on the 30th of April!

Thank you for your help and I will be sure to keep you all up-to-date with the results!

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