What is pedagoo.org?

Welcome to all our new visitors arriving in this new session. You might well be wondering what all this is about and where it came from. If so, this little video of me explaining it at the Lothians & Borders TeachMeet earlier this year might well help…

Thanks to the Scottish Book Trust for arranging and sharing the filming at TeachMeet Lothians & Borders.

4 thoughts on “What is pedagoo.org?

  1. aileenkelly

    Wow – now I understand the aim. Cheers Fearghal. Just realised a potential problem though – that sort of ongoing online chat is already happening , but it’s happening on twitter. It is more informal, more immediate… (not that I can get my head round it, but that’s another matter). So the pedagoo challenge is how to bring the twitter chat onto the pedagoo blog.

    1. Colm Linnane

      I think one of the concerns at the outset of Pedagoo was to appeal to as broad a constituency of teachers as possible- there was a concern that by using twitter it would appeal to a smaller audience. The major fear was that it be seen as an echo-chamber.

      Think there’s also the potential for pedagoo and/or collablog platforms to enable deeper reflection.

      (PS. I’m currently uploading more of the TeachMeet Lothians & Borders vids right now so expect to see more soon!)

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