What is Pedagoo to Me?

It has been almost two and a half years since the inception of Pedagoo and it’s been a hell of a ride, I can tell you. Without doubt one of the most inspiring ventures of my teaching career, I’ve been involved since very early on and watched it develop into something really special. But where are we now? Fearghal Kelly set up a survey a couple of months back which I pondered without contributing. Now I think I’m ready to state my case. If we are to make it work, we need to be sure of what it is and what we want it to be.

For me Pedagoo needs to be a space where all educators have an opportunity to contribute, share, discuss and debate. It needs to be a blog, first of all, where everyone is welcome to write about their practice; to write about the difficulties they may be experiencing; to seek advice or assistance; and, on #pedagoofriday, a place to share some great things which are happening in classrooms around the country. If Pedagoo is anything, in my opinion, it is that thing which is missing from many of our schools and staffrooms: a positive and supportive platform to share.

If we have created a space where people feel too intimidated to get involved then we have failed; if we have created a forum for experts, one where other teachers can come in and pick the brains of the few, same old faces, then we have failed; if our collaborative events, our own ‘Teachmeets’, become hierarchical lecture tours where an ‘audience’ feel they cannot get up and get involved, then we have failed. The spirit of Pedagoo comes from the strength of its ‘members’. None of us are better then anyone else; we share as equals.

I’m not sure of any of us knew exactly what Pedagoo would or could become. The peaks and troughs have made us stronger and more determined though. But if it is to have real impact, the kind of impact which we want to it to have, then it needs everyone to contribute. It needs to have regular events, small ones are fine, and a consistent input of blog posts. And those blogposts can only come from educators. So, if you don’t have a blog and are toying with the idea, then let Pedagoo be your first place to turn. If you have regularly contributed to #pedagoofriday then write a short post about what it means to you; it doesn’t have to be greatly detailed.

I’ve said before that #pedagoofriday is perhaps my proudest moment in teaching because of the impact it has on others but Pedagoo itself has so much more to achieve. we won’t be able to achieve anything if we do not involve everyone in the conversation. Come and join in.

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