When I wish upon a wall

This week I would like to review an excellent tool called padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher). It is a great and easy to use tool for collecting ideas either from students in a lesson or from staff in meetings. The beauty of this tool is that you don’t even need to log in. You just click “Create a wall” and you are ready to go. Once you are finished, you can then email the link to the wall to the contributors. It is also possible to log in although I never do as I like to use it quickly.

It is fantastic for peer review and in a classroom where students each have access to a device, be that a set of laptops or even their smart phones and they can all contribute and then instantly see each others comments if it is projected on to a white board.

Here is an example of how I used it.

The students have given feedback through padlet allowing them to share their experience of the learning activity.

Give it a go. It’s really easy. Just navigate to www.padlet.com

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